Summer Intensive


During the Summer Intensive program, students are provided the opportunity to reside comfortably on campus at USML’s Conference Center Lodge. For the upcoming academic year of 2024-2025, the cost for weekly room and board at the Conference Center will be $750. For added convenience, non-clergy students will find lodging at the 300 building, while clergy members typically reside in the 1000 building.

Personal Accommodations

Should you opt for alternative lodging arrangements, kindly inform us in advance. For those not staying on campus, we offer the option to purchase single meals (including breakfast, lunch, and dinner) at a mission rate, for your convenience.

For inquiries regarding room and board arrangements or any matters pertaining to the Conference Center, we encourage you to reach out to our Guest Services Hospitality Manager, Susan Germain. 

Financial Questions

Should you have any questions concerning financial matters, please direct your inquiries to Isamary Zamudio.

Student Identification

During your time on campus, your student ID badge will serve as your key to access various facilities including the dining hall, library, and academic buildings. Upon your arrival at the Conference Center, our staff will provide new students with their ID badges at the front desk during check in. In the event that a new student does not receive their ID upon arrival, please contact Student Services for assistance.

Continuing students are kindly reminded to bring their student IDs upon returning to campus. It’s essential to note that a $25 replacement fee will apply for lost student IDs if not brought along.