Student Services


From admission to convocation/ordination, our SPLE student services team is here to provide unwavering assistance and support as your progress through your spiritual/academic journey.


  • Student Support: to provide support and guidance to students in various aspects of their academic journey; from class registration, formation events, capstones/theses/dissertations, and beyond.
  • Resource Facilitation: to connect students with relevant campus resources, such as financial aid, library services, spiritual direction, etc.
  • Problem Resolution: to provide customized courses of action for students when academic or personal issues may arise.
  • Collaboration: to collaborate with faculty, staff, and administrators to enhance the overall quality of the SPLE educational experience – your time here matters!

Location and Office Hours

SPLE Student Services Office: Room 229 located in the USML Prist Center (Building 201P)

Mailing Address

USML – School of Parish Leadership and Evangelization
Office of Student Services
1000 E. Maple Avenue
Mundelein, IL 60060