22nd Annual Father Pat O’Malley Invitational Basketball Tournament

Greetings and welcome to the 22nd Annual Father Pat O’Malley Invitational Basketball Tournament, generously supported by the Knights of Columbus.

We are very happy to welcome so many men from across the country who are also pursuing the call of Christ. Thank you for traveling to Mundelein for this weekend of fun and fraternity.

This year we are excited to again livestream many of the games from our gymnasium on campus. We still can’t get ESPN to cover the event, but a manned camera will be broadcasting the games to you. We hope this allows family, friends, seminarians, priests and bishops to watch and cheer for their favorite teams.

Thank you for supporting seminarians on their journey to priesthood. We pray that the tournament is an enjoyable event for all those involved.

6:00 PM               Mundelein (50) vs. St. Mary’s Baltimore (36)

7:00 PM              Bishop Bruté (23) vs. Sacred Heart (48)

8:00 PM              Conception (49) vs. St Joseph Wichita (40)

Address: 145 N. Lincoln Ave, Mundelein IL 60060

7:00 PM              St. John Vianney (27) vs. St. Francis de Sales (40)

8:00 PM              Athenaeum (38) vs St Joseph Abbey (61)

9:30 AM              St. Francis de Sales (33) vs. Conception (44)

10:30 AM           Mundelein (39)vs. St Joseph Abbey (49) OT

11:30 AM           Athenaeum (7) vs. St. John Vianney (41)

1:30 PM               Sacred Heart (42) vs. St Joseph Wichita (35)

2:30 PM               St Mary’s Baltimore (39) vs Conception (49)

3:30 PM               Mundelein (46) vs. Bishop Bruté (13)

6:30 PM               Semifinal 1: St Joseph Abbey (35) vs. Mundelein (40)

7:30 PM               Semifinal 2: Sacred Heart (22) vs. Conception (48)

9:30AM               St. Mary’s Baltimore (49) vs. Sacred Heart (53)

10:30 AM            St Joseph Wichita (53) vs. Bishop Bruté (24)

1:30 PM               St. Joseph Abbey (54) vs. St. John Vianney (49)

2:30 PM               St. Francis de Sales (58) vs Athenaeum (25)

10:00 AM            Third Place Game: Sacred Heart (37) vs. Mundelein (39)

11:15 AM            Championship Game: St. Joseph Abbey (75) vs. Conception (62)