University of Saint Mary of the Lake Announces New Cooperative Agreement with Catholic Distance University

University of St. Mary of the Lake (USML) and Catholic Distance University (CDU) are proud to announce a new cooperative agreement that will open new professional and curricular pathways to their students who are seeking outstanding online theological education. This cooperative agreement will provide for fast-track admission for students from both universities into complementary programs at the partner institution.

More specifically, students who have completed certificate programs through the Instituto de Liderazgo Pastoral at USML are eligible for streamlined admissions to CDU’s Spanish Language Associate of Arts program in Theology with a concentration in Catholic Social Teaching. Deacons and other certificate holders from USML programs will be eligible for simplified admissions to CDU’s Bachelor of Arts degree program in Theology. Finally, students who graduate with at least a 3.0 GPA from a graduate program at CDU will be eligible for fast-track admission to the University of Saint Mary of the Lake’s Doctor of Ministry Program.

This cooperation expands educational opportunities for students from both universities and is made possible by our shared vision for meeting the theological and formational needs of the U.S. Catholic community. By simplifying the admissions process to these strong and faithful academic programs, students are provided with more curricular pathways to the formation that the Church needs.

“We are so pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Catholic Distance University, a leader in Catholic distance education, to expand the opportunities available to our students across the country as they participate in the mission of the people of God to consecrate the world to Christ,” said USML Rector/President Very Rev. John Kartje, PH.D., S.T.D.

CDU President Marianne Evans Mount, PH.D., said, “Collaboration is a hallmark of Catholic Distance University’s support for our students, especially with Catholic institutions who share a similar mission, commitment to students, and academic excellence. Our agreement for streamlined admissions will expand educational opportunities for all of our students and inspire them to advance in their intellectual formation and missionary discipleship. We are excited to share this good news.”

Fast-track admissions means that students will have the requirements for letters of recommendation and application fees waived at the partner institution. While biographical data and transcripts are still required, this partnership greatly simplifies the admissions process and sets the stage for possible future collaboration between the two universities.

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