Join us for the celebration of Mass at the University of Saint Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary along with Adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and a Eucharistic Procession around the campus.

4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.MassChapel of Immaculate Conception
5:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.Adoration | Witness TalksChapel of Immaculate Conception
5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.Eucharistic ProcessionCampus Grounds
7:00 p.m.Benediction and Closing RemarksChapel of Immaculate Conception

This pilgrimage is to serve as a time of prayer and reflection as we uphold our Lord in the true presence of the Eucharist. Due to the rigors of the procession, we strongly recommend eating before you arrive or directly after the event.

Entry onto campus is via the Route 45 entrance only. To locate the entrance, enter Dunbar Rd. and University Dr. in Mundelein, IL, into GPS systems. 

Please follow Public Safety’s guidance for parking on campus. 

We encourage you to enjoy our beautiful campus. Please note a few items:

  • The Chapel of the Immaculate Conception, the Main Chapel at the center of campus, is open daily from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. unless otherwise in use by the Seminary.
  • As you walk around campus, please note that you may see “private” signs. These are for the faculty and students only. We ask you to help us honor this space as their home. See Visitors Guide for details on the USML campus. 
  • Our Bookstore and Gift shop will be open until 5:00 p.m.

It is recommended that you wear comfortable walking shoes for the procession as it is a 1.5-mile walk with uneven terrain. You are invited to remain in the Main Chapel for personal prayer. 

Public restrooms can be found in our welcome center/Mundelein Hall, due west of the Main Chapel. There are portlet restrooms outside of the Main Chapel as well. 

The National Eucharistic Revival is a three-year, grassroots initiative of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to assist Catholics in coming to a fuller understanding and appreciation of the meaning of the Eucharist in the life of the Church. The aim is to proclaim that the celebration of the Eucharist is the source and summit of the Christian life, to assist Catholics to encounter the Risen Lord in the Eucharist, and to deepen their discipleship in sharing His work of redeeming the world, won on the cross.

The Revival will culminate in a pilgrimage across the country to Indianapolis for the Eucharistic Congress in July 2024. The Archdiocese of Chicago, on the Marian Route of the pilgrimage, will host pilgrims and has organized special events and Eucharistic celebrations in archdiocesan parishes and locations from June 26 to 30, 2024.

To learn more, see the full schedule and register for these events, visit

Throughout the National Eucharistic Revival, local communities are gathering tinder in response to God’s invitation for renewal, calling on the Holy Spirit to bring the flame.

In keeping with this vision, the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage will accompany Jesus from city to city, lighting hearts on fire along the way. Then, at the National Eucharistic Congress in July 2024, all these flames will blaze together.

Departing from the headwaters of the Mississippi, the northern arm of the Pilgrimage will descend through the midwestern United States, pass through Wisconsin and Illinois, stopping at the University of Saint Mary of the Lake on June 26, and meet up with the other three Pilgrimage routes in Indianapolis at the 10th National Eucharistic Congress.

Please consider a donation to the National Eucharistic Congress, the organization running the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage. Thank you!