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Music at Mundelein

At Mundelein Seminary, we value music in liturgy and the arts, and train future priests to chant the ministerial parts of the Mass. Through participation in various choirs, one-on-one vocal training, singing from numerous hymnals, and exposure to an extensive sacred music library, these men build confidence in their ability to lead liturgy.

An appreciation for the global church and its diversity of gifts is engendered when the community celebrates Mass and sings in multiple languages.  Choirs sing music stemming from a multitude of ethnic and cultural backgrounds—including Polish, Hispanic, African and Asian— and the entire worship community is encouraged to participate.

By selecting and preparing music for liturgies on campus, seminarians develop the skill of harmonizing the overarching theological principles pertaining to the liturgy with the concrete needs and capabilities of a particular parish community.

In the entirety of the music program—which encompasses both the intellectual dimension of engaging music in a classroom setting, and the pastoral dimension of collaborating with clergy and musicians to prepare a liturgy—our future parish priests develop the virtues required for effective leadership in ministry: prudence, patience, courage, and perseverance.

Just as music can enrich our celebration of the Mass, the study of music makes for a well-rounded, pastorally-sensitive parish priest who will care for and love his people.