Listening and Discernment

Are you passionate about serving your parish community and making a positive impact?

We invite you to attend free workshops in our Harmony in Action series.

Each morning in the series will include an interactive session where you will get a sample of our academic style, formation days and more information about all of our parish programs.

Together, accompaniment, Synodality and Eucharist form a triptych of grace, inviting us into deeper communion with one another. As we journey together, allow these three principles inspire us, and draw us closer to the heart of Christ.

(Synodality) Emphasize the importance of listening and discernment in synodal process. Provides practical tools and strategies for fostering dialogue, consensus – building and discernment within the Church community.

1045 Columbian Ave., Oak Park, IL

RSVP to rcastillon@usml.edu with your name,  parish, phone number, email address and which workshop (s) you will be attending if you are interested in coming to find out more about our amazing Parish Ministry Programs. 

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