Campus News: August 14-27

August 14-18 – We welcomed new seminarians to campus for Orientation Week. Thank you to Michelle Pabon (Formation Office) and the Seminarian Committee Members that consisted of Deacon Jeff Filipski (Rockford), Deacon Jared Kleinwaechter (Atlanta), Deacon Caleb Kuestersteffen (Wichita), Deacon Dane Dickinson (Davenport), Deacon Martin Nyberg (Chicago), Terry Marmion (Belleville), Deacon Tim Berryhill (Chicago), Deacon Robert Lamorena (San Jose), Joshua Krischel (Dubuque) and Peter Binder (Dubuque)

  • Propaedeutic – 6
  • Discipleship 1 –  4
  • Configuration 1 – 18
  • Configuration 2 – 3
  • Configuration 3 – 3

August 21 – 25 – Mundelein Seminary had its Silent Preached Retreat Week for Discipleship 1 and 2 and Configuration 1 and 2. The retreat director was Father Donald Haggerty and the theme was “The Spirituality of the “Second Conversion.”  Configuration 3 were on a directed silent retreat at our Conference Center. Thank you to Fr. Arturo Felix (Spiritual Life) for coordinating these retreats.

Sunday, August 27 – Welcome Events were held for the start of the school year followed by dinner and the Rector’s Address for the community.  We look forward to the new school year with 124 new seminarians from 22 different arch/dioceses throughout the United States and internationally.

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