School of Parish Leadership & Evangelization

University of Saint Mary of the Lake

Project Name: ReEnvisioning -LM


ReEnvisioning-LM is an ambitious initiative aimed at reshaping the landscape of lay ministry formation within the Archdiocese of Chicago.  Our mission is to empower alumni, parishioners, and the broader community to reflect on the vital role of lay individuals in serving the Church, both now and in the future.

While the involvement of the laity in various capacities within the Church is not a new concept, the challenges faced in equipping and preparing them for these roles are ever evolving. With priest retirements, shifting demographics, and parish consolidations on the horizon, it’s imperative that we adapt and innovate our approach to lay ministry formation. 

At the heart of ReEnvisioning-LM lies the concept of community-driven dialogue and collaboration with diverse groups of individuals passionate about and experienced in lay ministry to engage in meaningful discussions through our Congregational Learning Community groups.  These groups will convene for an opening conference/retreat, kicking off a year-long journey of reflection and exploration. 

These CLC’s focus groups will delve deep into the evolving needs of the Church and identify key areas where our formation programs can make a significant impact.  Their insights and recommendations will serve as the foundation for developing a comprehensive curriculum tailored to address these emerging challenges.

One of our primary objectives is to ensure inclusivity and accessibility. Therefore, this curriculum will be available in both English and Spanish, catering to the diverse linguistic needs of our community.  Moreover, we are committed to implementing pilot programs supported by this project, enabling us to measure outcomes and refine our strategies based on real-world feedback. 

ReEnvisioning-LM represents more than just a project, it’s a collaborative effort to revitalize and strengthen lay ministry within the Archdiocese of Chicago by transforming the future of lay ministry into a more vibrant and inclusive Church.

LOCATION: Mundelein, IL

CONTACT: Aura Martinez