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Empowering Tomorrow’s Parish Priests: The Mundelein Class Sponsors Program

The Mundelein Class Sponsors Program is an initiative born from the essence of accompaniment and the shared commitment to nurturing the future leaders of the Catholic Church. It extends a heartfelt invitation to individuals who wish to be integral in the formation journey of seminarians as they pursue their sacred path to the priesthood. The Class Sponsors Program offers an opportunity for supporters to not only witness but to actively participate in this transformative process.

By pledging a gift of $5,000 annually or more over four years, individuals become Class Sponsors, firmly embedding themselves in the Mundelein Seminary community. These generous contributions are instrumental in providing tuition assistance and other programmatic necessities that directly foster seminarian education and formation. Beyond financial support, Class Sponsors forge personal connections with seminarians, sharing in their spiritual journeys. They attend exclusive community Masses and lunches on campus, witnessing the profound impact of their benevolence. These dedicated sponsors also partake in significant liturgical milestones such as the Installation of Acolytes, Installation of Lectors, Diaconate Ordination, and the pinnacle moment, Priestly Ordination. Through this immersive experience, Class Sponsors gain profound insights into seminarian programs and the path to ordination, nurturing a deeper appreciation for the formation journey. Additionally, they become ambassadors of Mundelein Seminary, sharing its events and initiatives with their parishes and communities. As the relationship with seminarians blossoms, tokens of appreciation convey the gratitude of the entire seminary family. The Mundelein Class Sponsors Program reflects a profound partnership between sponsors and future priests, creating a strong foundation for the Church’s spiritual leaders of tomorrow.