Ed Factly – Supporting the Propagation of the Faith

Ed Factly has been a generous supporter of the University of Saint Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary ever since his neighbor’s son enrolled in the seminary. He occasionally would go up to visit with his neighbors, and after that he wanted to become more involved.

In addition, Ed realized most of the priests he knew were formed at Mundelein, and he was impressed as he learned more about the institution. At one point, he considered enrolling at Mundelein Seminary, but God had other plans. Once he became financially secure, he decided he could help give to the mission of forming future parish priests. In the following Q&A, Ed describes why he is passionate about this mission and his hopes of spreading the faith to future generations.

What about the mission of Mundelein Seminary appeals to you?
The campus itself—it’s so structured. It’s also very tranquil just coming onto the grounds—like you are in a different world. There’s a certain feeling I get when I’m there. We have two seminarians working at our parish. They are so respectful and well-mannered. I have always been impressed by them.

What or who inspired you to include Mundelein Seminary in your estate plans?
I felt the money came from God, and it’s only right I return it to Him. They are going to be our future parish priests—our local priests—which is very important. We all know it costs money to do these things.  It’s my spiritual family that I am looking after. By giving them the money to educate the seminarians, I can help carry on the faith. Propagating the faith is essential.

What are your hopes for your generous gift?
I always give in memory of my family that has passed on. I hope that what I am doing will help their souls as I continue to pray for them.

Is there a benefit for donors that goes beyond the seminary and which directly impacts the donor / the donor’s family?
COVID-19 has made us aware of the benefits of going into the Church and attending in person.  It was gone and it really shook me. We are fortunate to have priests to administer the sacraments to us.

If you have any questions about how you might support Mundelein Seminary with a planned gift, please contact Jim Jarocki at jjarocki@usml.edu or 847-970-4841.

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