Welcoming our New Seminarians to Mundelein

Posted on August 16, 2016

The community of Mundelein Seminary welcomes its newest members to campus and invites you to join us in praying for these men during orientation week. This week serves as an introduction to the school year for our new Pre-Theologians (studying Philosophy) and our First Theology students (both new and returning to Mundelein).

Every Mundelein seminarian has earned at least a Bachelor’s degree before he arrives at Mundelein. Sometimes our seminarians take a direct path to seminary after high school, and many others have first pursued careers and are following their vocation to priesthood later in life.

If a seminarian has already studied philosophy/pre-theology, then he will begin in First Theology, and is ordained after completing Fourth Theology. If he has a degree that doesn’t fulfill the philosophy and pre-theology requirements, he will enter Mundelein as a Pre-Theology I student and take the required classes before moving through the four years of Theology.

If you’re on campus, you’ll see the clear distinction in how these men dress on campus: Theology students wear clerics and Pre-Theology students wear shirt and tie.

We look forward to sharing many stories from our seminarians throughout the year. Please continue to pray for them.