Week-long Silent Retreat Begins

Posted on August 21, 2016

Every year, before classes begin, and after every seminarian has arrived, a hush falls over Mundelein Seminary as a week-long silent retreat takes place. This retreat serves as a chance to re-center on Christ and prayer, and spend time in contemplation and reflection.

Seminarian Ryan Adorjan (3T) from the Diocese of Joliet, shared his thoughts: “The real question is this: How far am I willing to go for Jesus? How much am I willing to give up in order to give myself completely to him? From this perspective, 8 days is nothing! It will take a lifetime to be conformed to Jesus, to be perfect as my heavenly Father is perfect, but it’s a lifetime I’m willing to live!

It gets even easier when I realize that God calls us first. God has called me to a more meaningful communion with him. God calls us first and all we have to do is respond to him and follow his lead, with a little help from the Church and our spiritual directors, of course.”

The retreat begins at noon today and continues all week. Please pray for our seminarians and faculty as they begin this retreat. Be assured that you are in their prayers, as always.