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Thinking About Priesthood?

The Life of a Seminarian

The schedule at Mundelein Seminary is tailored to help Seminarians become priests through the four pillars of formation: Human, Academic, Spiritual, and Pastoral. 

A Sample of a Typical Weekday Schedule:  

7:00am | Community Morning Prayer
Seminarians gather to pray each morning. On Wednesdays, they gather for one hour of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament before Mass.

7:30am | Mass
Mass is celebrated each day. Once per week, a bilingual mass is celebrated in English and Spanish. Certain parts of the mass are also celebrated in Latin, Polish, and Swahili throughout the year.

8:25am | Breakfast

9:15am | Classes
Seminarians take up to two classes in the morning. In addition to academic formation, they have class formation every week and spiritual direction at least twice per month.

12:05pm |  Lunch

1:10pm | Classes
Seminarians take up to three classes in the afternoon. They also participate in field education at least once a week, which varies for each class. Examples of field education include ministering in jails, nursing homes, juvenile detention centers, homeless shelters, food pantries, parishes, schools, etc.

5:15pm | Evening Prayer
Each evening, Vespers is said in community.

5:30pm | Dinner
Seminarians get to know each other through a variety of means, the evening meal is certainly one of them.

6:30pm | Rosary
Many seminarians gather after dinner to pray the rosary. Others may pray it on their own during the day. This time is another opportunity to gather as a community in prayer.

7:30pm | Free Time
When not in class and during the weekends, seminarians use their free time to study, serve at their field education sites, assist at parishes, run errands, exercise, volunteer, or pray. They also participate in organizations such as the Respect Life and the Peace and Justice; or seminary activities, such as choir, and intramural sports.


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