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Meet Sean Lazzari

Sean Lazzari, a 2016 graduate of the Lay Leadership program, who is currently a member of the Discipleship Formation Team at St. Daniel’s Parish in Wheaton, Ill.

Prior to embarking on the program at the Institute for Pastoral Leadership, Sean was heavily involved in his parish, including liturgical ministries, the Finance Committee and the Parish Council. He reflects below on the positive impacts of the Institute for Pastoral Leadership’s Lay Leadership Program on his life.

“As a result of my experiences with IPL, there has been a transformation in my life. Sharing the Good News of Jesus and his command to us to “Go and make disciples” has been especially heartwarming to me. The vast majority of Catholics have not heard the basic message of the Kerygma. They have not heard of our Father in Heaven’s love for us and how he invites us to share in the Trinitarian love through his son Jesus our Christ. Once people are introduced to these concepts, they are amazed and ask, ‘Where has this been our entire lives?’”

“My training at IPL gave me a solid foundation to begin my transformation to a disciple of Jesus and to be able to share this with others. I learned the importance of lay leaders in the Church and the need for these lay leaders to be a driving force behind Church renewal programs.”