Sam Conforti

Diocese of Joliet, Illinois


August 12

Ordination Year


Home Town

Lombard, Illinois

Home Parish

Christ The King


Loyola University Chicago (1980, BBA in Public Accounting)

Graduate Degree

Juris Doctor (JD), MBA, MSIB

Previous Career

Corporate Attorney




Reading Biographies


I was a law professor

Favorite Saint

John Paul II

Favorite Devotion


Vocation Story

I firmly believe that everything is on God’s time schedule. I have done nothing special except answer “Yes” to a call from God. All of my prayers are simply centered on handing my “Will” over to God. There is no “I want” involved in my vocation other than I want what God wants. I truly believe that the priesthood is a gift from God. I cannot seek it or aspire to it. I must be called to it. As a priest I would be participating in Christ’s priesthood and acting In Persona Christi. If I am to become a priest, I must be willing to give all of myself, my thoughts, words, and deeds, to ministering to his children. I must realize the awesomeness that God is placing in my hands and understand that it is not I who is performing these ministerial duties but Christ, with The Holy Spirit, working through me.

Priest Aspirations

Celebrating the Mass

What has been your favorite/most memorable story of your time at Mundelein thus far?

Singing the Gospel Canticle for Morning Prayer (Luke 1: 68-79) with 200 seminarians in The Immaculate Conception Chapel.

How can Mundelein's donors and community pray for you?

Please pray for my continued perseverance to do God’s will.