Current Seminarians

Sabelo Luthuli

Diocese of Eshowe, South Africa


May 25

Ordination Year


Home Town


Home Parish

Opus Dei


St. Joseph Institute (2015, B.A. Philosophy)

Previous Career

Selling African insurance, Local political campaigns


Isizulu, English


Soccer, billiards, reading


I am a person who loves the people of God and parish life

Favorite Saint

St. Teresa and St. John Paul II

Favorite Devotion

I am a Marian devotion and a devotion to the Blessed Sacrament

Vocation Story

My call to ministry began when I converted to Catholicism. Due to my mother’s health problems, I spent most of my childhood years with my grandmother. I was raised a protestant and I grew up in a very violent township. Due to the violence, my grandmother decided to return to her motherland because it was peaceful. Fortunately, the nearest Church at Eshowe was Catholic, and she decided to visit. Soon, my grandmother and all her children converted to Catholicism. I fell in love with the Church. There was order, and I loved the Blessed Sacrament. There was something unique that I encountered on the very few days in this Church. My heart leapt with joy in a very strange way and I pictured myself saying Mass. The picture of the Blessed Sacrament stayed in me. The Priest, Fr. Ncube involved me in the work of the parish, such as visiting the sick, the elders, and the poor. All those encounters with these people influenced me in a very positive manner. I saw the work of the holy spirit working with these people through the work of the priest. I shared the joy with these people I was encountering in this ministry. I have testified to their faith even though some of them were living in bad conditions but they had such a wonderful peace. The love for the priesthood developed as I watched the daily work of a priest. Fr. Ncube was always there for me and for the people he served. I went to the seminary in 2011 January.

Priest Aspirations

To serve the people of God with my gifts, and to grow in holiness.

Anything Else

I am honest with myself and I love my vocation, that is to say I love God and his church.

How can Mundelein's donors and community pray for you?

You can pray for me by name in your personal prayers, or pray the rosary for me and to support vocations.