Current Seminarians

Robinson Ortiz Hernandez

Archdiocese of Chicago


January 19

Ordination Year


Home Town

Bogotá, Colombia


Conciliar Seminary of Bogota (Philosophy)


English & Spanish


Radio Host, Social Media, Cycling, Reading


I was a high school teacher when I was 21. The oldest student was 19. I learned a lot during that year and got good friendships

Favorite Saint

St. Thomas More

Vocation Story

I was born in a small town in Colombia. The priest went to celebrate Mass once a month. Since I was 7, I want to become a priest. This is because since I was a child I saw the huge work that priests did for my community and how they helped people integrate their daily and spiritual lives. So, I told my parents about my desire for becoming a priest and they were very happy. I remember that, when I was 8, I called all the kids from my town to go to the town chapel to pray. I celebrated the “mass” for them and for communion I gave them cookies. Then my family moved to the capital city, Bogota, when I was 11. In that city, I was an altar server at St. Marcellin Champagnat parish. When I finished high school, I joined the Seminary of Bogota, where I studied philosophy; classes included sociology, psychology, latin, greek, and English. Then, I decided to go out the Seminary to have a job experience. For one year, I was a teacher of philosophy, religion, ethics, and human rights, at a private high school in Bogota. That experience was awesome and I really learned a lot from other teachers and students. Then I came to Chicago in August 2013 to study English for a year at UIC, the University of Illinois at Chicago. In August 2014, I went to Mundelein Seminary to begin my theological studies. With the grace of God, I will be ordained a deacon on May 13, 2017 and a priest in May 2018.

Priest Aspirations

I want to help all people to get closer to God through the Eucharist, prayer, service, and personal interaction

How can Mundelein's donors and community pray for you?

I ask your prayers for my vocation and my classmates’ to continue to respond faithfully to the Lord. Please pray for holy priests and pray that our testimony inspire many other young people to the priesthood and religious life.