Current Seminarians

Rob Mulderink

Diocese of Grand Rapids, Michigan


September 29

Ordination Year


Home Town

Fennville, MI

Home Parish

St. Luke University Parish, Georgetown Twp., MI


St. John Vianney College Seminary at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN (2015, B.A. in Philosophy and Catholic Studies)


English and some Spanish


Playing violin, cooking, reading, and going on unplanned adventures with my brothers.


I was famous one summer of high school because I had a large, orange afro.

Favorite Saint

St. Joseph and St. Robert Bellarmine

Favorite Devotion

The Brown Scapular (of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel) and the Miraculous Medal are very important parts of my relationship with Jesus.

Vocation Story

When I was 16, God quietly brought the question of priesthood up to me. I thought it was very strange that when I saw my pastor doing “normal priest things” or watched a movie about St. John Paul II, my heart would leap and I would feel very moved. I decided I needed to figure out what was happening, so I spent more time in the adoration chapel. I got to the point of saying, “God, I want to follow where you call me. So, what do you want me to do?” The prayer was sincere, but the problem was I had so many fears I couldn’t listen for God’s response. Instead of hearing his call, I could only see my sins, my fears, and my weaknesses.
Later that same year, I was able to go on a 3-week tour of Germany and France with a 50 member string orchestra, staying with host families and playing music in a lot of cool places. It was an incredible experience. Of course, we spent many hours on the bus, and God used this time to do some amazing things. I had apparently acquired the reputation of being “the Catholic guy” on the trip because I did simple things like pray before meals. One day, early on in the trip, one of the “popular girls” came over and sat down with me. I was, of course, surprised. I’d never talked to her. Even more surprising, she started to ask me questions about God, the Church, prayer, happiness, and many of the Church’s teachings. More than that, she told me about the struggles and difficulties in her life. It was unlike anything that had every happened to me before. I listened, tried to encourage, taught what I knew as best as I could, and prayed a lot to the Holy Spirit to help me. And she was only the first. Over the remaining weeks, I was approached for similar conversations by many of my peers.
During that trip, God used me to bring His truth to my peers and He used them to break through my fears. He showed me that, in spite of my littleness, He can work in me and that His call does not depend on my abilities but on His grace. After this experience, with my fears smashed, I was able to open my ears in prayer and hear the Lord calling me to enter seminary.

Priest Aspirations

I most look forward to sharing with many others, by my words, actions, and (hopefully) my whole life what I have received: the burning love and intense mercy of God that brings light, joy, peace, and freedom.

How can Mundelein's donors and community pray for you?

Pray that I will have humility like Our Lady to receive all that the Father wants to give me.