Current Seminarians

Nathaniel Resila

Diocese of Albany, New York


May 26

Ordination Year


Home Town

Schenectady, NY

Home Parish

St. Madeleine Sophie


Niagara University (2014, B.A. Religious Studies and History; Minors: French, Philosophy, Middle Eastern Studies)

Graduate Degree

M.A. Theology; Concentration: Systematic / Historical Theology, St. John's University (Queens, NY)--2016

Previous Career

Graduate Research / Teaching Assistant, St. John's University Department of Theology, Substitute teacher, Teaching Assistant at Wildwood Programs (for students with developmental, behavioral and intellectual disabilities)


English, French, basic Italian


Singing, New York sports (especially the Yankees, Giants and Syracuse Orangemen), music (especially Sacred, baroque and classical), musical theater, movies, food, dogs, video games.


I have a titanium rod fused to my spine--this was done to correct my case of scoliosis at the age of 14.

Favorite Saint

St. John Paul II

Favorite Devotion

Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Vocation Story

I absolutely fell in love with our Blessed Lord’s Church through both intellect and the senses while in college. Though I began discerning a potential vocation to our Lord’s Priesthood in high school, it was not until I began taking college courses in Theology, Religious Studies, History and Philosophy (as well as further study and inquiry of my own) that I began to truly appreciate the brilliant and divinely inspired Tradition of the Church. The faith that had been passed down to me by my parents (my mom was my and my siblings’ religious education teacher for many years growing up) and Polish grandmother, of which I am most grateful and appreciative, began to germinate and flourish here. Thus, the resplendent nature of the Church’s intellectual, spiritual and historical legacy absolutely captivated, accosted and enraptured me (this is also the primary reason I elected to pursue a Master’s Degree in Theology)!

Concurrent with my intellectual fascination with our Lord and His Church was my equally compelling experience taking in the magnificent architectural, artistic, musical and cultural patrimony of the Catholic Church during my time studying abroad in Paris as a sophomore in college (and subsequent travels across Europe). I also pilgrimaged along the footsteps of St. John Paul the Great in Poland and, through his intercession, began to truly take seriously the prospect that Jesus was, indeed, calling me to serve Him through His Priesthood. Once again, I fell in love with the Church through her splendor and majesty–this time, however, it was primarily through my senses and heart.

In a world where trends, pop ideology, the culture of death, fashions and this-worldly-things predominate, our Lord through His Catholic Church calls men to the priesthood to defend, uphold and expand the Church and her influence in all things (so that we might execute Christ’s Divine Commission to win souls for Him to save through His Church and to make disciples of all men the world over). In a sense, the Catholic priest is called to serve as a knight, serving his Lord (Christ the King) and defending his Lady (the Blessed Mother) and Kingdom (Holy Mother Church). The beauty of the Church impelled me, through intellect, the senses and spirit, to enter Mundelein Seminary!

Priest Aspirations

Restoring a sense of beauty, majesty and splendor to the world through the celebration of the Church’s Sacraments and her regal Sacred Liturgy.

Anything Else

I am in a one year program of Pre-Theology and, thus, will enter into the four year Theology program next year.

How can Mundelein's donors and community pray for you?

Please pray that we seminarians may have the courage and fortitude to boldly and unambiguously proclaim the glorious truth of our Lord’s Catholic Church, without compromise, equivocation or concession to Satan who seeks, always and everywhere, to lead faithful sons of the Church astray. Pray that we are fortified, emboldened and invigorated by Christ through the most powerful intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary. Pray that we never become complacent with modern society but, rather, that we remain ever vigilant and faithful to Mother Church and the Magisterium in all that we do. Pray that the Holy Spirit enlighten our minds and kindle within our hearts a burning desire to grow in faith, virtue, wisdom and learning!