Current Seminarians

Michael Frankiewicz

Archdiocese of Chicago


August 13

Ordination Year


Home Town

Arlington Heights, IL

Home Parish

St. James


University of Chicago (Political Science, B.A.)

Previous Career

Real Estate




Philosophy, history, cooking, gardening, and writing


I love writing charters for organizations that I want to create.

Favorite Saint

My patron saints are St. Severinus Boethius and St. Augustine of Hippo

Vocation Story

During the Easter Vigil of 2018 I was confirmed as a Catholic during my fourth year at the University of Chicago. I had previously been a lapsed Catholic for a number of years. I had slowly moved toward the faith through philosophy and theology and was happily reconverted by the pastor and people of Calvert House (the local Catholic community) after going through their RCIA program and many, many visits to office hours.

Shortly after graduation, I went on a pilgrimage through Europe by myself to visit several holy sites and celebrate the feast days of my patron saints, Sts. Severinus Boethius and Augustine of Hippo. While on this journey I encountered many people, things, events and joys that brought my heart to consider the priesthood. Many obstacles still remained though to serious consideration.

When I returned home, I began to become involved in my home parish. Starting young adult groups, joining the perpetual adoration ministry, serving on the parish council, teaching first-grade religious education, helping with a retreat, deepening my understanding of the faith, improving my prayer life, and adjusting to this new way of life that my reconversion had led me into.

Eventually, in prayer God began to remove many of the obstacles that lay before me in considering the priesthood and the more and more I thought about the vocation the more and more joy that I felt. I took these feelings into spiritual direction and sought the advice of my associate pastor and made the decision to enter into the spiritual year. Currently, I am giving God the time to lead me where He wishes and to continue the work that He has already begun.

Priest Aspirations

Teaching the faithful and those curious about the faith.

What has been your favorite/most memorable story of your time at Mundelein thus far?

It has only been a little while since I entered the spiritual year but concerning my life here, I never thought that everyday could bring so many lessons, clarity, and a deeper connection to God. It feels like everyday is a day of a pilgrimage. Not in that anything overtly big is happening, but rather that exceptional things happen in the midst of routine in a sort of quiet and comfortable way.

How can Mundelein's donors and community pray for you?

Please pray for an outpouring of Grace upon me and that I might accept that Grace in the form of love for others first and talent second.