Current Seminarians

Logan McGahan

Diocese of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ordination Year


Home Parish

Saint John Paul II

Previous Career

Tool and Die Maker and Machinist

Vocation Story

I first received my call to the priesthood when I was about six years old, during the elevation of the Eucharist in Mass. From that moment on, I began to altar serve and help around the parish in any way I could. I was determined to become a priest until the age of thirteen. That is when I realized I might want to get married one day. So, I switched gears and pursued my love for crafting metal and wood, and in high school, I naturally drifted towards machining as a career path. I worked in the Tool and Die industry starting in high school and in the years following. During this time, St. John Paul II parish was founded in my home diocese of Grand Rapids. There, the Lord renewed the desire to serve in my heart. I believed youth ministry to be the path the Lord was calling me to, and then while working a youth retreat, the Lord made it very clear that he wanted me to go to seminary. I said yes five years ago, and it has been the best decision of my life. I love seminary and what it has done for my formation already. I cannot wait to be ordained a priest for the Diocese of Grand Rapids and serve the people of my diocese as a priest of Jesus Christ.