Current Seminarians

Lee Noel

Diocese of Cheyenne, Wyoming


August 27

Ordination Year


Home Town

Sioux City, Iowa

Home Parish

St. Paul's Newman Center, Laramie, Wyoming


Creighton University (Environmental Science)

Graduate Degree


Previous Career

Laboratory assistant helping with mosquito insecticide research


English is my primary, but I speak a bit of Spanish


Severe storm research, playing outdoor sports, cheering for the Chicago Cubs and Iowa Hawkeyes, reading, and observing wildlife on campus


I was an assistant coach for the freshman baseball team at my former high school (Bishop Heelan Catholic HS) over the past summer.

Favorite Saint

St. Damian

Favorite Devotion

I do not have a unique or particular devotion... yet!

Vocation Story

I was blessed to be born and raised Catholic within a family of two younger brothers along with my mom and dad, but didn’t think of a possible vocation to the priesthood until moving to Laramie. I attended a retreat for students at the University of Wyoming’s Newman Center within months of starting graduate school there. My aunt and uncle encouraged me to go on it, and I begrudgingly said yes, but wasn’t too excited to spend a weekend away from college football, friends, and my phone! The only way I can describe what I felt during reconciliation there was like a tidal wave of mercy. Our priest and I were outside, the sun was shining, golden leaves were whipping around us as the wind swirled, and as he held my hands I just felt a rush of relief overcome me. I selfishly wanted more of that joy as well as to share that with other people, and I knew our Newman Center with our community and Faith was the answer. I began to get involved more with our student group, volunteered with parishioners, and soon enough found myself really enjoying life in our parish and thinking of what it would be like to be a priest. After finishing school I lived in Fort Collins, Colorado for two years where my discernment continued through developing relationships. I will always be thankful to FOCUS missionaries at Colorado State, my former girlfriend’s guidance, and roommates who became like brothers to me as they all helped me in realizing that I need to discern the priesthood further because I enjoy serving people in the setting of the Catholic Church.

Priest Aspirations

If I become a priest, I think I will enjoy developing relationships with parishioners and listening to confessions in order to (hopefully) provide good guidance!

What has been your favorite/most memorable story of your time at Mundelein thus far?

My funniest moment so far has been getting in a kayak and immediately tipping over and landing in knee-deep water, embarrassingly drenched when I hadn’t even left the ramp yet! My favorite moment so far has been the “welcome back game day” where we had a tiebreaker showdown for first place. I’ll never forget the guys playing the Chicago Bulls theme song, getting us fired up to gather around the field, and watching two seminarians collide in an epic final game of bubble soccer.

Anything Else

I thank God every day for the opportunity to discern my vocation at Mundelein… what a privilege to be here!

How can Mundelein's donors and community pray for you?

I would really appreciate prayers for fearlessness, freedom, and patience (if those are within God’s will for me!).