Current Seminarians

Carlos Orozco

Archdiocese of Seattle, Washington


August 14

Ordination Year


Home Town


Home Parish

Holy Family


Mount Angel Seminary (2015, Philosophy and Religious Studies)

Previous Career

Project Manager for a Language Service Agency


English and Spanish


Drawing, photography, hiking at National Parks (on a mission to visit them all), working out, nature documentaries, exotic pets and plant keeping, and all things natural sciences.


At the age of 8 I was entered into an art contest in school by my teacher who would see me doodle during class. I won, discovered I could draw, and haven't stopped since! I now share art (drawings and photos) through social media (Instagram @mindofcarlos), hoping to inspire others through beauty.

Favorite Saint

He is not a declared saint (hopefully some day he will be), but I am heavily influenced by the spirituality of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Favorite Devotion

No particular devotions, my spiritual life tends to take on various forms of communication as my relationship with God grows. But, I love to pray at mountain peaks and in nature!

Vocation Story

After graduating high school I had my whole life planned out: get a masters in marine biology, work as a research scientist, have a family with a dozen kids and live in a comfortable house. Once in college I began to question my faith, going from practicing Catholic to agnostic to atheist. I wanted to believe in God but I just could not. During the Holy Thursday mass in 2006 (which I went to only to help out my sister with the youth group), at the moment the priest knelt down and began washing the feet of the 12 representatives of the community, I was overwhelmed with God’s grace and all my disbelief became belief. I had a certainty of God’s existence, that He loved me, and that I had to replace that priest who was up behind the altar. That is when my discernment process began. I decided to give it a few more years while I gained life and work experience, finally entering seminary six years later in 2012, and well, here I am.

Priest Aspirations

We are called to love the world. That is our primary universal vocation. Particularly, I feel like the best way in which I can love the world is through my service as an ordained minister.

God is incredibly loving and personable with each of us, meets us where we are. I look forward to being there with people in their own journeys of faith, which though personal, is ultimately communal and oriented towards the other. I look forward to offering my own gifts and talents to help build creative mission-oriented parish communities. To fall in love with Christ is to fall in love with the world.

What has been your favorite/most memorable story of your time at Mundelein thus far?

I have really enjoyed the opportunity to not only study, but to engage my studies with fellow students and professors which inherently continues to shape my experience of God and my own relationship with Him in prayer.

How can Mundelein's donors and community pray for you?

I have no doubt that it is through the prayers of the community for vocations that has allowed me to be receptive to God’s grace. In a special way, please pray for all those who struggle with their faith! As for us in seminary, please pray that we may continue to have open hearts to listen to God’s voice, and allow ourselves to be consumed and transformed by His love. Please be assured of my prayers for you and your families as well.