Current Seminarians

Joseph Tapia-Beeman

Archdiocese of Seattle, Washington


November 13

Ordination Year

2024 or 2025

Home Town

Kent, WA

Home Parish

St. Stephen the Martyr


Gonzaga University (Philosophy)


English, Spanish


Music/Pipe Organ, Apologetics


I'm an only child.

Favorite Saint

St. Joseph

Vocation Story

Altar serving beginning as a 10 year old was foundational to my initial discernment and enthusiasm for the priesthood. With strong support from my parish community, my pastor and my parents, I gained enough courage and confidence to apply to and enter the seminary after graduating high school. However, my health nearly prevented me from doing so. My senior year of high school was very difficult in that I was chronically sick for several months. Yet, by the grace of God, I was able to recover in time and stabilize my health in order to proceed with the necessary interviews which are part of the seminary application process.

Priest Aspirations

Forming relationships with people from many different cultures and traditions.

What has been your favorite/most memorable story of your time at Mundelein thus far?

As an only child, I did not experience what it would be like to have a sibling-bond. Since entering seminary, the fraternity here has given me an idea of what that is like and has helped me grow in identity as a brother.

How can Mundelein's donors and community pray for you?

Strength and perseverance to proclaim and uphold the Catholic faith are qualities much needed today amidst the increasing hostility against and rejection of Catholic values. Please pray that we all may grow to be men of strength and of all virtues!