Current Seminarians

Jose Flores

Archdiocese of Chicago


June 26

Ordination Year


Home Town

Aguascalientes, Mexico / Chicago, IL

Home Parish

St. Agnes of Bohemia


Aspira of IL and IL Center for Broadcasting (Oracle Developer, Radio and TV production)

Previous Career

Radio and TV production, DCFS, DCEO, CMS, Mexican Consulate


English and Spanish


Learning from others, read, watch movies and sports, my interest is to serve in the Archdiocese of Chicago


I am pro-life

Favorite Saint

Divine Mercy, St. Philip Neri, St. Toribio Romo and the Virgin of Guadalupe

Favorite Devotion

Divine Mercy

Vocation Story

In 2013 I had the opportunity to travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the World Youth Day and on the vigil before the closing, just at the moment when the Pope was in front of the Blessed Sacrament, I began to have in my mind a the people who had asked me during my life, why do not you become a priest, when the priest who was with me finished that moment asked me the same thing and I stayed with the idea that it was not normal, when I went back to Chicago I went to confession and The priest at the end asks me the same question and that’s when I decided to start looking for information and get in touch with the vocations office of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Priest Aspirations

Serving others, bringing the Sacraments to the people of God

What has been your favorite/most memorable story of your time at Mundelein thus far?

Having the opportunity to get close to people and give them their love and trust, besides seeing you as part of their family. An important experience was that in one of my subjects for the Summer the Rector of the Sanctuary where I was decided to travel to Durango, Mexico and when he returned to USA his plane crashed and by God and Our Mother Mary no passengers died and when leaving the plane burned completely, the week when I finished my subject I could be in the reencounter of the rector with some of these passengers and see the priestly vocation of comfort to be comforted

Anything Else

As Pope Francis asks; “Pray for me”, for my companions and for more priestly vocations and Religious life

How can Mundelein's donors and community pray for you?

I know that many people pray for us and help the seminary, so my colleagues and I pray for them and we thank them