Current Seminarians

James Wallace

Diocese of Juneau, Alaska



Ordination Year


Home Town

Juneau, Alaska

Home Parish

St. Paul -- Mendenhall, Alaska


Mount Angel Seminary (2016, Philosophy)

Previous Career

Coast Guard / Medic




Hiking / Reading / Dancing (teaching dance)


I've spent a year of my life sailing the ocean.

Favorite Saint

St. Monica

Favorite Devotion


Vocation Story

My vocation begins with a name, a name I’d never heard before except by my father growing up. As a child, I went hiking with my father nearly every weekend, and I continued hiking with him on the Pacific Coast Trail, the John Muir Trail, Yosemite, Scotland, etc., It was common practice for us to share stories while out in the wilderness (there was little else to do), and I remember being fascinated with adventure stories that my father would relate to me. One in particular was the story of Ernest Shackleton, a British explorer who lost his ship in 1916 upon the Weddell Sea, attempting to cross the entire Antarctic landmass. He was stranded with 35 men, in the middle of a World War in Europe, with no hope of rescue. Indeed, his story of survival was a great consolation to me, and I recall reading another biography about him shortly after arriving in Alaska in 2009. I served as a flight medic in Sitka, AK, and continued going to church (perhaps in a fit of nostalgia), and heard this remarkable story from the pulpit by a priest that I truly came to enjoy. He was from San Diego as I was, had served in the Coast Guard, and was relating stories that only my father had ever told me. It was surreal, because I truly experienced a renewal at this Parish, spiritually and intellectually. Everything fell into place, and I recognized that I was truly happy serving others in a faith capacity, and within a few years of spiritual discernment, left the Coast Guard and applied to the Juneau Diocese. It has been the greatest privilege of my life.

Priest Aspirations

Serving the people of God in missionary territory — Juneau, Alaska, is a diocese composed entirely of islands — a diocese the size of Florida, with the highest rates of alcoholism, suicide, and sexual abuse. There is such a need that I look forward to serving in whatever way I can.

Anything Else

Praise the Lord for giving me this opportunity

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Please continue to pray for strong Christian families, and holy men and women to consider and take up the call of ordained ministry. Please make these daily intentions. Lord Bless You.

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