Current Seminarians

German Alzate-Agudelo

Diocese of El Paso, Texas


March 4

Ordination Year


Home Town

El Paso, TX

Home Parish

Cristo Rey


Mexican American Catholic Collage (2012, Patoral Ministry)




Music, Cultures...


I play the guitar

Favorite Saint

Saint Vincent De Paul

Vocation Story

I was born and raised in Colombia. My local parish priest and religious sisters in my home town were good examples for me which helped me to feel connected to priestly life. A priest friend of mine invited me to join a diocese in the United States because of the need for vocations. I accepted his invitation and applied to the Diocese of El Paso, Texas in 2009.

Priest Aspirations

Receving the blessing of God through his people. Bringing the sacraments to a world that thirsts for God.

How can Mundelein's donors and community pray for you?

Pray that I will never forget how good the Lord has been to me.