Current Seminarians

Frances Strong

Diocese of Peoria, Illinois


April 1

Ordination Year


Home Town


Home Parish

St. Andrew, Fairbury, IL


St. Mary's University of Minnesota (Philosophy)

Previous Career

Cooking pizzas and running a bowling alley


Weightlifting, Sports, Musicals


I come from a family of 11 children. I'm the middle child.

Favorite Saint

St. Francis Xavier

Vocation Story

I was blessed with a wonderful Catholic formation during my childhood. My parents homeschooled my siblings and me primarily to attend daily Mass and learn about the Catholic Faith. Since I went to Mass almost daily, I had consistent exposure to the sacraments and our parish priest. Observing him closely while he carried out his priestly ministry, especially in the Mass, ignited my heart’s desire to become a priest. I carried this desire throughout my grade school and junior high years. However, after my freshman year of high school, I decided to attend the local public high school to finish my education. While exposed to many opportunities I never saw at home, l began to brush aside the desire to become a priest. Yet, in my efforts to forget the desire for the priesthood, Jesus continued to call me during high school. After graduating high school and beginning college, I realized my fault for rejecting the voice of Jesus. This was a desolate time, but thanks to my deep roots in the faith planted during my childhood I returned to Him and renewed my prayer life. While fostering my prayer life anew, I gradually learned to listen to the voice of Jesus. As He led me closer to Himself, He revealed to me again the call to the priesthood. This repeated invitation enflamed my heart, and I could not refuse such a call of joy and freedom. And so, I am now in formation for the Priesthood of Jesus Christ, seeking to become the saint He is calling me to be.

Priest Aspirations

Saying Mass and becoming a “Father” to parish

How can Mundelein's donors and community pray for you?

Please pray that I will have the docility to be formed as Christ desires. If I am to carry out my call to holiness, I must be humble and receptive to the will of Him rather than follow my own plan of life.