Current Seminarians

Daniel Garcia

Archdiocese of Chicago


September 20

Ordination Year


Home Town

Tonala, Jalisco


Concordia University Chicago (Psychology)

Previous Career

Auto and home claims adjuster.


Spanish, English


Soccer, Basketball, bike-riding, horse-back riding, traveling, watch movies, and listen to musica latina.


I was born in Mexico, in Tonala Jalisco.

Favorite Saint

Padre Pio de Pietrelcina

Favorite Devotion

Devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Vocation Story

I grew up in a practicing Catholic family that went to mass every Sunday. I completed all my sacraments and grew up praying the rosary. Thanks to my parents, I had a strong foundation in the Catholic Church. However, as I was getting older, specific life experiences pulled me away from the Church. I went from being the coordinator of a youth group to not going to mass because I was angry at God. I stepped away from practicing my faith and serving for about 4-5yrs. During that time, I traveled with work, and I started noticing that I would sometimes feel empty and lonely. I didn’t know why I felt this way – I had my own house, dream car, nice things, family, and friends. So, one day when I went out to celebrate my birthday, my friend mentioned a retreat, and before he said anything else, I said, “let’s go.”
From that moment on, something started to move in my heart. Partying lacked luster, and a job that required traveling lost appeal as I eagerly anticipated the retreat. While I waited six weeks for the retreat to start, I could feel God’s desire, hunger, and thirst in my heart. On the final day of the retreat and the last talk, they spoke to us about being healed to serve. After the talk, we all closed our eyes to pray. I prayed to God, asking His forgiveness for not serving Him for the past five years. I asked Him to heal my interior wounds, and I told Him that I would like to make up for the time I missed. I said, “here I am Lord, do with me what You will .” I started to feel a sense of deep love in my heart. I cannot clearly describe the feeling, but it was a love that no human, father, or mother, can give here on earth. That love was faith and the love of Christ and of Our Lady. It was a beautiful feeling.
A few weeks after that encounter with God, I sold my house and car, gave away many other things, and started discerning priesthood. I could not see myself do anything else but serve God. After about a year and a half of praying and discerning the priesthood, I quit my 10-year career as a claims adjuster and applied to the seminary.
I walked into the seminary with zero dollars in my bank account, zero debt, and no financial obligations. No longer attached to material things, no longer attached to money, no longer living by society standards, but living by God’s standards.
When I got accepted to the seminary, it was one of the happiest days of my life. There is so much joy, peace and love in my heart; I also want others to experience God’s love. It will change your life!


Priest Aspirations

Being able to walk with people in their faith, and help them believe, feel, and experience Love, Mercy, and Forgiveness from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Anything Else

My family are the most valuable people in my life.

How can Mundelein's donors and community pray for you?

Please pray that God continue to show me his love. Pray that God give a humble, loving, and caring heart.
Please pray that the Holy Spirit give me wisdom during my years at seminary.
Please pray for Our Lady’s intercession, so that she may continue to bring peace to my heart via the rosary.
Please pray for my health and for my family.