Seminarian Summer Update

by on June 10, 2015


This summer is busy for many of the seminarians. Some of them let us know what they’re doing.

Michael Metz

I am our here in Omaha NE at the IPF summer program until late July. We just finished our eight day silent retreat and it was tremendous and so is God.

Please pray for us and know that you have my prayers as well.

Nelson Cintra

Howdy, here are a couple of pictures. 5 of the 9 seminarians from our diocese (Boise) with our bishop (Peter Christensen); hiking in Box Canyon with a couple of youth from my summer assignment (Joey and Sebastian)


Nelson Cintra with his bishop (Most Reverend Peter F. Christensen) and other seminarians.
Nelson hiking Box Canyon in Idaho.
Nelson hiking Box Canyon in Idaho.


Christian Shiu

I’m at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska for IPF.  We have just concluded our 8 day silent retreat (that’s why you didn’t get a response from us).  Michael Metz, Paul Porter, and Michael Goodwin are out here with me. 

Deacon Michael K. Trail

I’m at St. Andrew Church (Addison and Paulina) for the summer. My parish has a large school and big young adult community. I’ll be working over the summer with Theology on Tap and other events around the parish. 

St. Andrew’s Church in Chicago.

Chip Chipman

Deacon Michael Kearney and I are doing Totus Tuus training in Rockford IL. One of the coordinators will send a picture we took with the nearly 70 summer teachers soon.
Rob Johnson
I left Mundelein in early May and headed down almost immediately to a parish in Effingham, IL, which is in the southern part of my Diocese of Springfield, IL.  This allowed me to spend some time in the schools here and I have also been shadowing the priests in all of their other duties along with getting to know lots of new people.  It is great to be home (amongst the cornfields!), the time in the parish has been really nice and helps a lot in understanding what the life of a priest is actually like.  I am heading home soon to spend a couple weeks with my family and then will head to Omaha, NE to spend 30 days on a silent retreat, which I am really looking forward to!