Seminarian Dodgeball Tournament: Blowing Off Steam Before Finals

Posted on December 9, 2016

At Mundelein Seminary, the seminarians don’t live in “dorms” or “floors,” but rather “aulas” and “cams.” Each cam has a unique identity and blend of seminarians that are a source of pride and fraternity. One night each week is spent in prayer and fellowship with cam brothers, but Dodgeball night is special. That’s the night where each cam plans their path through other cams to the championship trophy. Seminarians and even a team of faculty equip themselves with uniforms, strategies, and face paint before the competition begins.

This year’s winners were cam 2 North, who defeated the Dogs of 3 North in the semifinals before taking down their neighbors, 2 Center.

All seminarians in attendance, whether they played in the games or cheered on their cam brothers, had a great night of rivalry, sportsmanship, fraternity, and one broken foot (he’s on the mend). The tournament was a great stress reliever before final exams and papers are due.