Scholarship Fund

Mundelein Seminary is proud to answer the Call to prepare candidates for the diocesan priesthood, nurturing men as priests, teachers and shepherds in the service of the Catholic Church.


As the largest seminary in the nation, Mundelein is home to over two hundred seminarians from all over the world. By supporting the Mundelein Scholarship Fund, you help subsidize the substantial gap in tuition, room and board, and program fees that each of our future seminarians face.  Whether they come to Mundelein from a humble diocese in Africa, to your home church just down the road, all of our seminarians require the support of generous donors like you to spread the Word of the Lord.


Your gift helps cover the gap between the costs of our comprehensive program of theological studies and what each seminarian’s sending diocese is able to provide. From $12,000 each for seminarians from the United States, to $50,000 for international seminarians, you can see that our need is great, and we require your benevolent support to continue training the next generation of Catholic priests.




“Priests are called “father” because they are life-givers in the spiritual order. Spiritual fathers protect their children; they teach them; they are there for them. At the limit, they give their lives for them.”