Re-formed and Renewed Online Bible Study | Week 1

Session 1: Called Out of Chaos from the Beginning

Please have your Bible with you as you make your way through this reflection. As Father John likes to say, “Bible study is not a spectator sport.” He will be using the New American Bible Revised Edition.


Scripture Passages Mentioned:

  • Isaiah 43
  • Genesis 1-11
  • Exodus 1:8, 2:23
  • Deuteronomy 6:10

Discussion Questions

  1. In the biblical texts we have looked at from the Pentateuch (i.e., the first five books of the Bible), what connections do you see between their chaotic situations and the new realities that eventually emerge from the chaos? Why do you think God allows the emergent situation to evolve from what it had been before the chaos descended, instead of just restoring things to exactly how they used to be?


  1. What challenging or chaotic situations have you witnessed in your community, the nation, or the world recently? Do you feel that you/we are emerging from out of that situation? If so, is there something new or creative that God is calling you/us to embrace? What that might be? How do you see the emergent reality being accepted or resisted?


  1. On a personal level, what has been chaotic or challenging in your life over the past year? Take some time in contemplative prayer to tell the Lord exactly what you are feeling regarding that situation (whether anger, fear, confusion, resentment, hope, etc.—just be honest). Allow the Lord, in prayer, to help reveal to you what new creation is being called forth in your life. Pray for the courage and openness to look for that new reality and to engage it. Resist any temptation to withdraw in fear or anger.

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