Watch Ordination Ceremonies for the Mundelein Seminary Class of 2020

Thank you for your continued support for our seminarians. If you are interested in watching their upcoming ordinations, you can view the calendar below. Click on the event on the calendar, and you will find more information, such as the starting time and the link to watch the livestream. We will continue to monitor this page and update the following calendar.

Please pray for the Ordination Class of 2020, and you can get to know them below.

Archdiocese of Atlanta, Georgia

Paul Porter

Archdiocese of Chicago

Larry Basbas
Arthur Bautista
Patrick Gorman
Vinicio Jimenez
Hank Lyon
Martin Marulanda

Archdiocese of Dubuque, Iowa

Nicholas Radloff
Joseph Sevcik
Sean Smith

Diocese of Davenport, Iowa

James Flattery

Diocese of El Paso, Texas

Ivan Montelongo

Diocese of Gary, Indiana

Jacob McDaniel

Diocese of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dominic Couturier
Danny Orris

Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin

Ben Johnson
Kevin Ripley

Diocese of Joliet, Illinois

Andrew Buchanan
Jose Cerna
Michael Groth
James Guarascio

Diocese of Juneau, Alaska

James Wallace

Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin

Samuel McCarty

Diocese of Lafayette, Indiana

Michael Block

Diocese of Rockford, Illinois

Jack Reichardt

Diocese of San Jose, CA

Angelbert Chikere

Diocese of Wichita, Kansas

Hayden Charles
Luke Downing

Diocese of Yakima, Washington

Edgar Quiroga-Ceballos