USML | General Admission Policies & Transfer of Credits

Pontifical Faculty of Theology

General Admission Policies & Transfer of Credits

Admission Policies and Procedures

The Graduate Board of the Pontifical Faculty administers the admissions process in cooperation with the President of the Pontifical Faculty. The President of the Faculty and the chair of the Department of Dogmatic Theology are members of the Graduate Board ex officio. The President invites other faculty members to be on the board.

After reviewing all the admission materials, the board makes the final decision concerning academic requirements for admission. 

Qualified applicants who did not receive their previous training in philosophy and theology from the University of St. Mary of the Lake may be invited to come for an interview with the members of the Graduate Board. The purpose of this interview will be to confirm the candidate’s qualifications, to discuss how the program can be of benefit to the applicant, as well as how the applicant can participate in the life and spirit of the Pontifical Faculty and of the University. 

Transfer of Credits    

Students transferring from another School of Theology may receive credit for courses they have taken, if in the judgment of the Graduate Board, these courses are considered equivalent to similar ones offered at USML. The grade for these courses must be “B” or better.


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