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Pontifical Faculty of Theology

Financial Policies

Financial Policies

Room and Board per semester                                              $5,150.00
Room and Board (summer term)                                            $1,781.00

Tuition per credit hour (resident)                                               $975.00
Tuition per credit hour (non-resident)                                        $975.00
Audit Fee (per credit hour)                                                         $585.00
Matriculation fee (one time fee)                                                   $50.00
Technology fee (per year)                                                          $300.00
Late registration                                                                           $10.00
Transcript Request                                                                      $10.00        

Ongoing Thesis/ Dissertation Writing (per semester)                $975.00
S.T.D. Dissertation Defense Fee                                            $2,925.00 

Expenses Not Covered 

Health care insurance, books, and personal items are not included in the above charges. A Seminarians’ Health Care Insurance Program is available to all full-time students. Students not covered by family health care policies are advised to take advantage of this program. All students are required to have health insurance. Students are also expected to assume responsibility for auto, fire, theft, and personal possession insurance.  

Housing on Campus 

Some housing is available for single students who are enrolled in the Pontifical Faculty, in the Conference Center of the University of Saint Mary of the Lake. A chapel and a lounge with kitchen facilities are available for their use. While they are not members of Mundelein Seminary, they are welcomed guests at many events at the Seminary and the Center, and are invited to share in the daily celebration of the Eucharist with the Seminary community. 

The staff of the Conference Center’s Office of Guest Services attends to the material needs and general welfare of the students who reside in the Center. They serve as contact persons between resident students and the University.  


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