Holy Land Pilgrimage

My Yes and Hers

February 6, 2018

“I am in my Mother’s land. I am with my Mother.” These are the thoughts that I uttered in my mind once I stepped into Nazareth. I felt the warmth of a mother’s embrace. I felt her presence enveloping my body. I felt like I was walking with her while going around her town Nazareth. I felt a different happiness, knowing that I am in the place where our Blessed Mother lived. I felt one with her both physically and spiritually.

The Basilica of the Annunciation

Visiting Nazareth, one thing that has become clearer to me is the meaning of “Yes”. Whenever I want to know the meaning of “Yes,” I look at the Blessed Virgin Mary, a great model of saying “Yes” to the will of God. The meaning of “Yes” is simple – it is not saying “No.” Mary never said “No” to God. She always said “Yes” from the very beginning. She said yes when the Angel announced to Her that She would be the Mother of God. Mary never said “No” even though the society would judge her. Mary always said “Yes,” she never said “No” to the will of God, even at the foot of the cross. Mary carried with her the great fidelity of “Yes,” thy will be done.

Seminarians pray at the spot where tradition holds the Annunciation took place

Coming to Nazareth, I am reminded of my “Yes” to my vocation. My “Yes” to God and His will. Whenever, I want to say no to God, I always look at the “Yes” of our mother; her fidelity and courage to always follow the will of God, even at times when it is difficult. I am thankful to Mary’s “Yes” because through her I am always reminded of what it means to say “Yes”; to always follow the will of God. May all of us look to Mary’s constant answer to God, a constant answer of “Yes,” thy will be done!

By Peter Pedrasa, Diocese of Tucson

Photos by Peter Pedrasa and Declan McNicholas (Diocese of Gary)

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