Holy Land Pilgrimage

Loved to the end

March 5, 2020

Today, I was able to visit the Grotto of Gethsemane, where Jesus was betrayed by Judas. This is the place where Judas went and gave the kiss to Jesus, so the soldiers were able to identify Jesus and capture him. Then Peter draws his sword and cuts off the ear of one of the enemies servant, but Jesus stops Peter and heals the servant. Jesus always loved, always being compassionate and loving until the end. At this moment at Gethsemane, Jesus knew what was going to happen to him: he will be shamed, beaten, and crucified. His disciples were going to abandon Him, and Peter will deny him three times. Jesus could have hidden or run away, but no, Jesus wanted to show us His love by dying for our sins in order to bring us the resurrection and eternal life. This is the love of Jesus, that even though we may betray him, deny him, or even abandon him, he will never stop loving us and trying to reconcile us back to himself. God will always love us, because we are all his beloved sons, and he gives everyone of us the same love. God even loves us so much that he will never force us to do anything, but respects our free will, and will let us choose to accept or reject His love?
Then we have to ask ourselves: Am I ready to receive God’s love? What do we do with the love that God has given us? How do I repay this love?
Mauricio Espino
Diocese of Las Vegas
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