Holy Land Pilgrimage

“Follow me”

January 31, 2018

Jesus told us: “Follow me.” So, I think this is the best way to follow — coming to the places where all the events narrated in the Holy Bible happened. … This is really better than what I expected.

So many people say that things become real when you are at the site where all those things happened. What better place to visit than the land where the Son of God changed the world. I simply cannot put into words how inspired I am right now to see, feel, and wiggle my toes on the land where Jesus was born, grew up and lived. Just to imagine that this was once where Jesus and his disciples walked. This was where Jesus fed the thousands with the miracle of the loaves and fish. This was where Jesus walked on water, and called Peter, James and John and told them to cast down their nets, even after catching nothing all night. This is also where Jesus pronounced Peter to be the head of the Church, and where he fed his disciples breakfast after the resurrection.

Patrick Kizza (Chicago) works a replica of an ancient olive press.
Patrick Kizza (Chicago) works a replica of an ancient olive press.

Being here really makes the scriptures come to life, and allows each of us to visit the places that we have read about.  I feel a great sense of gratitude to God for having called me and my classmates to this unique and unforgettable experience. I don’t want to lose the grace and the joy of these days, so I plan to nourish them in prayer and daily witness! This is the hope and prayer that I am making for each one of you, our dear friends who managed to make this pilgrimage a reality, both now and forever! Come, Holy Spirit and complete in us the work that you have begun! Amen.

By Patrick Kizza (Archdiocese of Chicago)
Photos by Declan McNicholas (Diocese of Gary) and Peter Pedrasa (Diocese of Tucson)

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