Holy Land Pilgrimage

Do Whatever He Tells You

February 10, 2018

As I entered into the Wedding Church at Cana I recalled the words of our Blessed Mother to her son, Jesus, “Do whatever he tells you.” These words reminded me of when I had yet to enter into the seminary and was still discerning whether or not I should pursue the priesthood. In particular, I recall one New Year’s Day when I went to mass for the Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God.

Crimson red poinsettias layered the church sanctuary which, contrasting with the white marble, stood out and grabbed my attention drawing me into its beauty. As my eyes gazed upon the sea of red, I felt the presence of Mama Mary granting me comfort and peace. In that sweet embrace she gazed upon me and related to me those same words she gave to Jesus at Cana, “Do whatever he tells you.” This is one of the many affirmations to the priesthood that God has sent my way and in this particular instance, Mary saw in me her son who was ready to enter into a new path of ministry.


Today, these words have been given new texture to me having been able to visit the very place they had first been uttered. When the servants received these words at Cana, Jesus had performed his first miracle transforming water into wine. For me, receiving these words another time, I realize it was Mary’s response to Christ wishing to perform a miracle in me as well, to transform me into the son God has called me to be through the path of priesthood.

Now, once again, that crimson red is stained upon my mind, not from the beautiful array of poinsettias, but rather, from the wine transformed in my heart ready to be out-poured as a sign of the joy of salvation that awaits us at the wedding feast of the Lamb.

By Jay Suero (Archdiocese of Chicago)

Photos by Peter Pedrasa (Diocese of Tucson) and Declan McNicholas (Diocese of Gary)

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