Holy Land Pilgrimage

Bethlehem University

January 22, 2018

Some days ago, we had the opportunity to visit Bethlehem University, which is run by the LaSalle Christian Brothers. A great group of four students and one administration members gave us a tour around the beautiful campus, where we were able to meet with our Christian and Muslim brothers and sisters. It was one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had, because I could feel the peaceful and friendly atmosphere that exists among the students, faculty, and staff. We all know that this land is holy for the historical events of God’s revelation, but it is also a land of conflict. Yet in this university one cannot perceive anger or hate among the students, but rather love and lament due to the conflict.

Also, the Bethlehem University has, in my opinion, one of the most delightful chapels in the whole Holy Land, since it truly reflects the culture of this land. This chapel was dedicated to the Divine Child. In order to paint the icons of the chapel, the author was inspired by the faces of the Palestinian people. In addition, one of the stain glass windows, which inspired me in a very deep and human way, was very unique: it was the image of the child Jesus learning carpentry. While we were in the chapel, we were able to pray for all the intentions of those who have requested them from us. At the end of our visit, we had the chance to eat all together a great traditional lunch.

By Jesus Haros, Diocese of Tucson

Photos by Peter Pedrasa, Diocese of Tucson

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