Holy Land Pilgrimage

Behold My Beloved Son

February 5, 2022

Driving through the desert, we suddenly came upon plants and wildlife when we arrived at the Jordan River. One of the first things I noticed was how muddy the bank was. As I stepped out of the water, my feet were covered with mud. Why would Jesus come here to be baptized when cleaner creeks and springs were around?  

From the mud of the Garden of Eden, God formed the first man, Adam. Now from the muddy banks of the Jordan River, the new Adam rises to restore the human race. Jesus descends into the river not to be cleansed of sin but to cleanse us from sin.

He refashions fallen man into the image of God, into Himself. Jesus is not afraid to enter into the muddiness of human life. He does not only show up when we expect him. He comes to us in the dark and “muddy” moments of our lives.

We passed from the slavery of sin to new life in our own baptisms. We entered the river with Jesus and were refashioned from the mud of the earth into new men and women. Like Jesus, we are called to enter the muddiness of others’ lives, to be available in the dark moments as well as the bright. Many of us do not remember our own baptisms, but we can always return to the Jordan River, where we encounter the love of God that refashions us and sends us forth.

Jared Rutnicki
Diocese of Joliet

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