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Mundelein Psalter Psalm Tones

Week I and III

Antiphon I – VIIIg
Antiphon II – IIA
Responsory – VIF
Gospel Canticle – If
Intercessions – VIF

Week II and IV

Antiphon I – VIIIa
Antiphon – IID
Antiphon III – Vc
Gospel Canticle – VIId
Intercessions – VIF

Invitatory Psalms and Antiphons

The Hymnal for the Liturgy of the Hours

Click on a title to play mp3 music files of the introductory line and doxology for each hymn. Sung by Fr. Samuel Weber, OSB, Fr. James Kurzynski, and Fr. Charles Byrd. Others sung by a selection of the 2007 School of Parish Leadership and Evangelization summer students.

Pater Noster
Canticle Of Zechariah
Psalm 150
Canticle Of The Lamb
Common Of BVM Lauds O Glorious Lady
Oh God The Lamp Of Heaven High
Eternal Maker Of The Light
O Lavish Giver Of The Light
As Light Of Day Returns Once More
Now That The Daylight Fills The Sky
Creator Of The Skies Above
O Trinity Of Blessed Light
Lo The Dim Shadows
O God The Source And Fount Of Life
The Hours Are Passing Swiftly By
O Fount Of Light
O Lord Our God Who Made The Day
Great Ruler Of All Space And Time
As Sun Declines And Shadows Fall
Beauty Of The Rising Sun
Creator Of The Earth And Sky
God Whose Hand Hath Spread
Eternal Glory Of The Sky
The Dawn If Sprinkling On The East
O Splendor Of God’s Glory Bright
O Boundless Wisdom God Most High
O Blessed Creator Of The Light
Eternal Maker Of The World
Behold The Golden Dawn
Almighty God Whose Will Supreme
Earth’s Mighty Maker
Maker Of Men Who From They Throne
When Breaks The Day