Mundelein Faculty Publish New Books

Posted on April 20, 2018

Congratulations to our faculty members who recently published new books: Dr. Melanie Barrett, Father Emery deGaal, Dr. Matthew Levering, Dr. Patricia Pintado-Murphy, and Rev. Edward T. Oakes, S.J., (Posthumous). The authors were honored at a reception where they each shared anecdotes, gratitude, and the method and inspiration behind their books with the Mundelein community.

The Mundelein Faculty are dedicated to the formation and education of seminarians, but their work goes far beyond the campus. Many of our professors are recognized as leaders in their fields, serving as members or experts to pontifical academies, councils, and the International Theological Commission. They are sought-after speakers nationally and internationally, and we are blessed to have them on our campus.

Rev. Emery deGaal

1. “Maria und der Islam – Spurensuche im Licht des Namens ‚Fatima‘. Eine Untersuchung zum Verhältnis von Maria im Koran und in der nachkoranischen Überlieferung (Hadith)“ in: Fatima – 100 Jahre danach. Geschichte, Botschaft, Relevanz, in Mariologische Studien, Band XXV, ed. Manfred Hauke, (Regensburg: Pustet), 2017, pp. 17-40.

2. “Auseinderandersetzung mit Aufklärung und Romantik – Leo Scheffczyks Dissertation über Friedrich Leopold Graf zu Stolberg,“ in: Johannes Nebel (ed.), Kardinal Leo Scheffczyk (1920-2005). Das Vermächtnis seines Denkens für die Gegenwart. Mit wissenschaftlichem Gesamtverzeichnis seiner Schriften (Regensburg: Pustet, 2017), 416 pages, pp. 34-55.

3. “En diálogo con la Ilustraciòn y el Romanticismo. La disertación doctoral de Leo Scheffczyk sobre Friedrich Leopold Graf zu Stolberg,” in: Johannes Nebel (ed.), traducción y edición española a cargo de José R. Villar, Cardenal Leo Scheffczyk 1920-2005. El legado de su pensamiento para la actualidad (Pamplona: Eunsa, 2017), 302 pages, pp. 41-66.

Dr. Matthew Levering

1. Engaging the Doctrine of Creation (Baker Academic)

2. Was the Reformation a Mistake? (Zondervan)

3. An Introduction to Vatican II as an Ongoing Theological Event (Catholic University of America Press)

4. Dying and the Virtues (Eerdmans)




Dr. Melanie Barrett

1. Melanie Susan Barrett. “Doctrine and Praxis in Pope Francis’s Approach to Evangelization.” In Pope Francis and the Event of Encounter, 113-128. Edited by John C. Cavadini and Donald Wallenfang. Global Perspectives on the New Evangelization Series: Volume 1. Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2018.

Dr. Patricia Pintado-Murphy

1. “God in Exile: An Introduction to Cornelio Fabro’s Appraisal of Modern Thought” in Studia Fabriana, Vol 1, 2017, pp. 137-158.







Rev. Edward T. Oakes, S.J., Posthumous (Presented by: Fr. Thomas Baima)
1. “Predestination, Sola Gratia, and Mary’s Immaculate Conception” in Advancing Mariology: The Theotokos Lectures 2008-2017, James Schaefer Editor, Marquette Press