Mundelein Faculty Participate in Eschatology Conference

Posted on March 27, 2017

Catholic theologians, both Western and Eastern, together with Protestant and Orthodox scholars, gathered in Wheaton for two days of study on the theology of “the life to come” or eschatology.  “Imagining the Eschatological State” drew participants from ten graduate schools across the Midwest. 

Co-sponsored by Mundelein Seminary’s Center for Scriptural Exegesis, Philosophy and Doctrine, in collaboration with Wheaton College’s Center for Early Christian Studies, the Colloquium also invited doctoral and post-doctoral students along with internationally recognized experts.  Some prominent participants included Professor Bernard McGinn of the University of Chicago and Jesuit Father Brian Daley of the University of Notre Dame.  The public lecture was delivered by Father Khaled Anatolios, also of Notre Dame. 

Dr. Matthew Levering, Perry Professor of Theology, who directs the Center for Scriptural Exegesis, Philosophy and Doctrine, co-chaired the Colloquium.  Fr. Thomas A. Baima, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Professor of Dogmatic Theology also participated.