Messages to the Ordination Class of 2020 from Mentor Priests

Congratulations to the Ordination Class of 2020!

As part of their formation at Mundelein, each seminarian experiences a parish internship during a semester in which they are living and working at a parish in their home diocese, learning from a mentor priest who models all aspects of parish priesthood. Seminarians also spend many weekends at their local Teaching Parishes (Tolton Teaching Parish Program), developing true bonds with the pastor parishioners, learning practical and pastoral skills from experienced priests. These mentor priests provide an example of servant leadership and seminarians gain a better understanding of what it takes to shepherd a community of faith as they work closely with our future priests.

Our generous mentor priests, many of them alumni, have recorded messages of encouragement for this year’s Ordination Class of 2020. Please keep all priests in your prayers, that they may continue their ministry with humble hearts, and may God watch over our seminarians awaiting their own ordination to the holy priesthood!

A Message from Father James Presta (Chicago ’86) | Former rector of St. Joseph Seminary where many of the Chicago seminarians did undergrad | Former vice rector and in charge of Pre-Theologians at Mundelein Seminary when this class were Pre-Theologians

A Message from Father Charlie Hall | Special thanks to Dominic Couturier

A Message from Father Gerald Walsh (Chicago '95) | Special thanks to Larry Basbas

A Message from Father Bobby Krueger (Chicago '12)

A Message from Father Andre Beltran (Chicago '01) | Special thanks to Michael Block

A Message from Father Gerald Gunderson (Chicago '76) | Special thanks to Pat Gorman

A Message from Father Neil Manternach | Special thanks to Joseph Sevcik, Nick Radloff, Sean Smith

A Message from Father Gerardo Menchaca | Special thanks to Robain Lamba Binawoe

A Message from Father Miguel Martinez Figueroa (Chicago '01) | Special thanks to Vinny Jiminez and Paul Porter

A Message from Father Jerome J. Spexarth | Special shout out to Hayden Charles, Luke Downing and Trevor Buster

A Message from Father Timothy O’Malley (Chicago '97) | Special shout out to Edgar Quiroga-Ceballos and Ismael Garcia

A Message from Father Esequiel Sanchez (Chicago '95) | Special shout out to Ismael Garcia

A Message from Father Anthony Russo (Grand Rapids '00) | Special shout out to Daniel Orris

As we joyfully anticipate the ordination of the Class of 2020, make a gift in honor of one of the graduating seminarians to support the men who will follow in his footsteps on their own path to the priesthood.