Lenten Mission: Crossing the Border between Comfort and Panic

by on April 8, 2020

This Lenten Mission titled, “Crossing the Border between Comfort and Panic: Encountering God at the Critical Transition Points in our Lives” is a series of six podcast reflections by Fr. John Kartje, the Rector of Mundelein Seminary, which was originally for Mary Seat of Wisdom Parish in Park Ridge, IL.

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Intro: The Boundaries of the Lenten Season

Part 1: Life at the Boundary

Handout #1

Part 2: A Tale of Four Gardens

Handout #2

Part 3: Temple Courtyard: Resistance is Safe

Handout #2

Part 4: Gethsemane: Resistance is Transformative

Handout #2

Part 5: The Empty Tomb: Resistance Re-forms Identity

Part 6: Poverty as a Gateway through the Boundaries of our Lives