Leadership Fund

Mundelein Seminary’s robust, comprehensive, and respected programs of theological studies prepare our seminarians to become pastors at their own parishes within just one or two years of receiving their degrees. Because the role these men are about to undertake requires dedication, guidance, and understanding, we at Mundelein are focused on leadership training to help shape tomorrow’s prominent heads of the Catholic Church.


Your support for our various leadership programs helps us ensure that each parish under the guidance of a Mundelein-trained seminarian will thrive under their visionary leadership as he works in collaboration with his associates, staff, and the laity to ensure that the parish’s mission can fully flourish. Your funds will help underwrite our “School of the Good Shepherd” ($20,000), an intensive parish leadership program that equips men with some of the skills necessary to understand budgets, facilities, human resources and partnership with the laity – all critical to their future work as pastors.


Moreover, we seek to provide leadership coaching ($20,000) and to build relationships with and bring on adjunct faculty from the business schools at Northwestern and Loyola universities ($50,000) to provide crucial management and administrative training to all seminarians.



“The seminarians at Mundelein are integral to our Church’s future. We will all need them for spiritual guidance, for the Sacraments, for leading us to a deeper relationship with Christ. But they also must be good stewards of the resources of each local church, just like the disciples who went out after Christ had risen, to spread his message to the ends of the earth.”