IPL Summer Scripture Conference

As promised, a series of 3 lectures from 1 of the speakers for Summer Scripture Conference 2020 is now available.

Below are the recordings from Mark Giszczak, S.S.L., Ph.D.  Associate Professor of Sacred Scripture, Augustine Institute. (click on his name for biographical information)

These are Mark’s lectures that were to be presented at the Summer Scripture Conference 2020. Please click on the links below and enjoy!

Mark Giszczak – Sirach 44–50 and Hebrews 11: The Hall of Heroes and the Cloud of Witnesses


Mark Giszczak – The Book of Wisdom as Model for Christian Reception of the Old Testament


 Mark Giszczak – The Headwaters of Christian Prayer: Messianic Hope in the Shape of the Psalter


Announcing the June 2020


Interpreting Scripture in the Church

June 21-26, 2020

To all of the Summer Scripture Attendees,

It is with sorrow that we announce the cancellation of the Summer Scripture Conference 2020. Due to the uncertainty of the current situation, the administrators of  the University of Saint Mary of the Lake considered the health and safety of our faithful attendees, the presenters and the staff when carefully considering the options.

The opinions and survey results were evenly split among the attendees; therefore, the decision was made to refund the registrations fees. As a small consolation to all, we have arranged for 1 speaker to present a pre-recorded series of 3 lectures with free access. We will create this link to be made available in June. We are very grateful for your continued interest and loyalty to the Summer Scripture Conferences.

Summer Scripture is unique in that the conference creates an unscripted retreat like atmosphere, producing subtleness and peace complemented by the beautiful and historic campus. This feature is irreplaceable and one of the enticements for many who register.

An online format limits those warm and deep discussions among speakers and attendees, and the beauty of Night Prayer, and the active socials that encourages new friendships. Many look forward to this event as a respite and a time to refresh. In person social interaction is an evident loss during these times.

Please look for updates concerning the Summer Scripture Conference 2021. The dates are June 20-25, 2021.The theme is Science and the Bible. We are truly looking forward to the next Summer Scripture Conference 2021!.


May God Bless and Keep You,

Michelle Shaffer- Associates Director– Institute for Pastoral Leadership

Linda Couri- Director– Institute for Pastoral Leadership


For more information contact Associate Director, Michelle Shaffer, MA
mshaffer@usml.edu  OR  847-970-4926