IPL Summer Scripture Conference 2022


Interpreting Scripture in the Church

JUNE 19-24, 2022

All talks will be streamed online this year! See below for in-person and livestream pricing options

We want to ensure all our guests that the Summer Scripture Seminar is following all the Covid-19 guidelines as set forth by the CDC.  Our sleeping, meeting and dining rooms are thoroughly sanitized after each group use. If you have any questions as to our safety protocols, please contact our Guest Services at 847-566-8290 or email at conferencecenter@usml.edu.   


Save $25 per registration before April 1

We look forward to welcoming you online or in-person to the beautiful University of Saint Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary campus for this week-long series that offers compelling presentations, opportunities for prayer, and a retreat-like atmosphere to contemplate this year’s focus on how to interpret Sacred Scripture.

Our Presenters are:

      Fr. Don Senior, C.P.:  Sunday, June 19, 7:45 PM & Monday, June 20, 9AM

  • The Arduous Trail from Leo XIII to Divino Afflante Spiritu.”
  •   “From Dei Verbum to Verbum Domini: the Transformation of Catholic Perspectives on Interpretation of the Bible.”
  • “Some Rules for the Road: Catholic Perspective on Interpreting the Bible



Timothy Milinovich, Ph.D.: Monday, June 20, PM & Tuesday, June 21, AM

  • “The Bible and the Catholic Church: It’s Complicated.”
  • “Protestants, Catholics, and the Bible: Different Approaches and Perspectives.”
  • “The Bible and Politics in America Today.”


Kathleen Gallagher Elkins, Ph.D.: Tuesday, June 21, PM & Wednesday, June 22, PM

  • “Reading the Bible with Children in Mind: What Do We Do with a Bible that Harms Children?”
  • “Model of Faithfulness or Abusive Father? Abraham and His Sons in Genesis 16-22.”
  • “Children in Revelation and at the End: Revelation 2, 19; Mark 13.”



Mark Giszczak, Ph.D.: Wednesday, June 22, PM & Thursday, June 23, AM

  • “The Headwaters of Christian Prayer: Messianic Hope in the Shape of the Psalter.”
  • “The Book of Wisdom as Model for Christian Reception of the Old Testament.”
  • “Sirach 44-50 and Hebrews 11: The Halls of Heroes and the Cloud of Witnesses.”



Peter Williamson, S.T.D.: Thursday, June 23, PM & Friday, June 24, AM

  • “What Does the Catholic Church Believe about the Bible and What Are the Implications for Interpretation?”
  • “Principles of Catholic Biblical Interpretation.”
  • “Interpreting Scripture for the Life and Mission of the Church – the Ministry of the Word.”





  • $975 – Full Conference: in-person, private room (5 nights) at Conference Center with 15 meals 
  • $1,740 ($820ea)  – Full Conference: in-person, shared room (2 people, 5 nights) at Conference Center with 15 meals each
  • $740  – Full Conference: in-person, commuter, 15 meals provided


  • $575 –  Full Conference, on-line
  • $135 –   Speaker Series (3 talks), on-line

You can contact us by email at summerscripture@usml.edu.

For more information contact Associate Director, Michelle Shaffer, MAPS
mshaffer@usml.edu  OR  847-970-4926