IPL Summer Scripture Conference

Announcing the June 2020


Interpreting Scripture in the Church

June 21-26, 2020



The Summer Scripture Conference is best appreciated if you can attend the entire week with overnight stays. The Conference has always mirrored Genesis in that a speaker begins in the evening, then finishes their lectures in the morning. Later in the evening is considered a favorite aspect of the Conference with Evening Prayer followed by the Social where Scripture scholars and attendees mix and mingle to discuss and share all things Scripture and the faith.

Most attendees come for the full week with overnight stays and come from all over the United States. Many locals attend as full conference commuters, enjoying the entire schedule of lectures, meals, prayer and social but going home at night.

Many who are new or who simply cannot attend the full week, can use the Speaker Series option. This option allows them to choose one speaker (3 lectures) with or without an overnight stay. This will include the Social and prayer and a limited number of meals depending on the number of speaker sets chosen.

For more information contact the Program Coordinator Diana Bernacki
dbernacki@usml.edu  OR  847-837-4575